The Empire

Saving Voli/Completing the Great Con


PCs discover a note waiting for them at the bar from Ebrius stating that the some-time companion of the party, Voli “Ursa” Eliod, was the target of a kidnapping plot by smuggler Felix Felidae & his lieutenant Rufinas. Due to time constraints the party persuaded a river oarsman to show them the fastest route, and embarked into a sewer, where they were confronted by a giant slug-like creature. This creature was charmed and joined the party in decimating the werewolf force (including Rufinas) that had taken over an arena where Voli “Ursa” Eliod was performing that night. After causing complete pandemonium in the arena, along with some showboating, the party members hurried on to meet the devil Dex and complete their end of a con job weeks in the making. The party met some resistance from a devil force assembled by Dex to dispatch the party. With some help from a cleric of Pelor, Curius, and a barbarian, Furius, the party dispatched the would-be dispatchers. Both NPCs joined the party to rout Dex, but only after Matthias Antius Tropher XVII was forced to sign his soul over to the Archdevil Mammon. Finally the NPCs informed the party of the ACLU stirring up political trouble in the city, or the Aberrations Civil Liberties Union. The party planned to take some time off to craft items, requisition new gear, and create a more secure home base.


ThomasCarroll ThomasCarroll

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