The Empire

Thar be Giants

We had some time to relax when word of a magical rod for Torrent came whispering in. Of coarse the dirty Witch and cowardly little halfling were nowhere to be seen so the 2 Dwarves had to accept this quest. We headed into the mountains in search of this magical rod that enhances Torrent’s abilities. After some exploration we found sign of giants, after following a ways, the stupid beasts didn’t even take tactical advantage. We waded into them with ease and assaulted their meager defences. Slaying many minions and routing the “Jarl”, we came accross an abomination of his “making”. with little effort we bested all the giants and looted their halls. The only resistance we encountered was by the “God” of giants “Frosty the Thrimman”…

Untill we assault the evil heavens of the giants he will have to wait.


ThomasCarroll AndrewBuckner

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