The Empire

A History Lesson

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Chronicle of Torrent, the Enlightened One, Year 467 of the Radrog Thaneship by Dwarven reconning.

Finally, a break from the endless needs of the beardless ones. Our team finally got to rest in our longhouse in the land of Finbogi, my friend and leader of a mountainous tribe of humans. We took our leave for six weeks, allowing me to complete my work on several items. First, the Ring of the Enlightened One and the Ring of the Dwarven Hero were completed. Long have I worked on the skills of my people. I look at these rings and see craftsmanship that rivals my ancestor’s greatest works.

For my trickster little friend, I crafted Garokero, a beautiful dragonbone rapier. Made from the femur of a large green dragon, it has been enchanted to give the little gnome extra damage when attacking from a vantage point, whilst also kissing the target with a taste of acid, in the vein of the creature it once supported.

And then Aradeck. You bearded, arrogant, son of a bitch. With the aid of a cleric of Heironeous, Aradeck was upgrading his intellectual axe. However, since the cleric of Heironeous was here under duress, Aradeck took too much joy needling the cleric. Despite the efforts of my most faithful of friends, Serra, Aradeck pushed the cleric too far and he walked off the job.

Chasing after the cleric, we were ambushed by an aberration who hid itself in cloud cover. Despite raining down acid, both myself and our troop’s witch took an aerial posture and assaulted through the cloud cover to bring it down.

At this point, even the cleric joined us on a trip into the mountains to look for the lair of this beast. However, between the difficulty in tracking an aerial creature and the vagueness of barbarian rumors, we found a hidden fortress from 1000 years ago belonging to the empire. I had seen this before whilst flying as a dragon, and recognized the geography to know roughly where we are going and would be coming back to.

The architecture, designed by the empire and even in ruins still with some structures standing, was magnificent. We did find the architectural oddity of refuse piles that held structure and weight. And when the music began, we knew the ambush was on. Two large elemental type creatures charged. After tangling with them for a couple rounds, our witch found the evil fey and fell under the curse of the little freak. In the end, the team danced with the elemental beasts whilst I expended my magic energies against the fey.

After defeating these creatures, we discovered a niche compartment in the collapsed main building, where we find an alcove linked to the sect stealing humanoids. Only with the work of the team’s godlike search skills, we find a hidden missive, one I shall not transcribe here. But now we know the path of the Enlightened Ones leads to a far away land, and after the completion of the tower, and the binding of my rainment, we shall continue forward.


The Enlightened One.


ThomasCarroll ThomasCarroll

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