The Empire

Trouble at Redcliff

Sylvia and Thaddeus returned to Vetara to do some shopping. While there they decided to investigate the mysterious power of Thaddeus’ to seemingly be immune to direct divine influence. They went to the most friendly expert on the subject, Curvus. Along the way Voli “Ursa” Leriod joined the group. Curvus indicated that he did not know enough lore to help, but gave the name of someone who might: Andalor of Redcliff. Andalor had a son who had a similar blessing. Quickly the two were in the northlands, in Redcliff. Andalor was missing, after acting strangely for several days. They met several townsfolk, including the gossipy barmaid, the irritable stable boy and an eccentric nobleman, Sven Juergen. Sven took an unusual liking to Thaddeus, gave him the gift (a loan really, but what does it matter for a rogue?) of a Robe of Blending. There were plans for a statue of Thaddeus, with Sylvia and Voli in the background, should the adventurers find the missing Andalor. They also heard gossip from the barmaid that some merchants were complaining about some city-slicker named Curvus. Apparently Curvus had paid a fine sum of money for the merchants to carry a rod of maximize, but then both the money and the rod was stolen by Frost Giants. The merchants are suspicious that Curvus had set them up. Signs led to an abandoned temple of Heironious, but when the group made it there, they were assaulted by a group of Shadows who killed the grumpy stable-boy, Voli, and Sylvia. Thaddeus barely escaped with his life and only with the help of a new friend.


ThomasCarroll ThomasCarroll

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