The Empire

Saving Voli/Completing the Great Con

PCs discover a note waiting for them at the bar from Ebrius stating that the some-time companion of the party, Voli “Ursa” Eliod, was the target of a kidnapping plot by smuggler Felix Felidae & his lieutenant Rufinas. Due to time constraints the party persuaded a river oarsman to show them the fastest route, and embarked into a sewer, where they were confronted by a giant slug-like creature. This creature was charmed and joined the party in decimating the werewolf force (including Rufinas) that had taken over an arena where Voli “Ursa” Eliod was performing that night. After causing complete pandemonium in the arena, along with some showboating, the party members hurried on to meet the devil Dex and complete their end of a con job weeks in the making. The party met some resistance from a devil force assembled by Dex to dispatch the party. With some help from a cleric of Pelor, Curius, and a barbarian, Furius, the party dispatched the would-be dispatchers. Both NPCs joined the party to rout Dex, but only after Matthias Antius Tropher XVII was forced to sign his soul over to the Archdevil Mammon. Finally the NPCs informed the party of the ACLU stirring up political trouble in the city, or the Aberrations Civil Liberties Union. The party planned to take some time off to craft items, requisition new gear, and create a more secure home base.

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A History Lesson
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Chronicle of Torrent, the Enlightened One, Year 467 of the Radrog Thaneship by Dwarven reconning.

Finally, a break from the endless needs of the beardless ones. Our team finally got to rest in our longhouse in the land of Finbogi, my friend and leader of a mountainous tribe of humans. We took our leave for six weeks, allowing me to complete my work on several items. First, the Ring of the Enlightened One and the Ring of the Dwarven Hero were completed. Long have I worked on the skills of my people. I look at these rings and see craftsmanship that rivals my ancestor’s greatest works.

For my trickster little friend, I crafted Garokero, a beautiful dragonbone rapier. Made from the femur of a large green dragon, it has been enchanted to give the little gnome extra damage when attacking from a vantage point, whilst also kissing the target with a taste of acid, in the vein of the creature it once supported.

And then Aradeck. You bearded, arrogant, son of a bitch. With the aid of a cleric of Heironeous, Aradeck was upgrading his intellectual axe. However, since the cleric of Heironeous was here under duress, Aradeck took too much joy needling the cleric. Despite the efforts of my most faithful of friends, Serra, Aradeck pushed the cleric too far and he walked off the job.

Chasing after the cleric, we were ambushed by an aberration who hid itself in cloud cover. Despite raining down acid, both myself and our troop’s witch took an aerial posture and assaulted through the cloud cover to bring it down.

At this point, even the cleric joined us on a trip into the mountains to look for the lair of this beast. However, between the difficulty in tracking an aerial creature and the vagueness of barbarian rumors, we found a hidden fortress from 1000 years ago belonging to the empire. I had seen this before whilst flying as a dragon, and recognized the geography to know roughly where we are going and would be coming back to.

The architecture, designed by the empire and even in ruins still with some structures standing, was magnificent. We did find the architectural oddity of refuse piles that held structure and weight. And when the music began, we knew the ambush was on. Two large elemental type creatures charged. After tangling with them for a couple rounds, our witch found the evil fey and fell under the curse of the little freak. In the end, the team danced with the elemental beasts whilst I expended my magic energies against the fey.

After defeating these creatures, we discovered a niche compartment in the collapsed main building, where we find an alcove linked to the sect stealing humanoids. Only with the work of the team’s godlike search skills, we find a hidden missive, one I shall not transcribe here. But now we know the path of the Enlightened Ones leads to a far away land, and after the completion of the tower, and the binding of my rainment, we shall continue forward.


The Enlightened One.

I Hate Limbo

Finbogi’s people were kind enough to visit the freshly erected tower, bringing presents and furnishings for a time of celebration. Many followers came and joined the forces of the League of the Enlightened One. In the midst of the celebration, The Cake Sitting Queen Sylvia got a visitor from the witchy lands, asking us to retrieve a key from the Ever changing abyssal hell that is Limbo. We took on this task in the name of the team. I don’t know who that witch bitch is, but she’s now on the list.

To be continued …

Thar be Giants
We had some time to relax when word of a magical rod for Torrent came whispering in. Of coarse the dirty Witch and cowardly little halfling were nowhere to be seen so the 2 Dwarves had to accept this quest. We headed into the mountains in search of this magical rod that enhances Torrent’s abilities. After some exploration we found sign of giants, after following a ways, the stupid beasts didn’t even take tactical advantage. We waded into them with ease and assaulted their meager defences. Slaying many minions and routing the “Jarl”, we came accross an abomination of his “making”. with little effort we bested all the giants and looted their halls. The only resistance we encountered was by the “God” of giants “Frosty the Thrimman”…

Untill we assault the evil heavens of the giants he will have to wait.

Trouble at Redcliff

Sylvia and Thaddeus returned to Vetara to do some shopping. While there they decided to investigate the mysterious power of Thaddeus’ to seemingly be immune to direct divine influence. They went to the most friendly expert on the subject, Curvus. Along the way Voli “Ursa” Leriod joined the group. Curvus indicated that he did not know enough lore to help, but gave the name of someone who might: Andalor of Redcliff. Andalor had a son who had a similar blessing. Quickly the two were in the northlands, in Redcliff. Andalor was missing, after acting strangely for several days. They met several townsfolk, including the gossipy barmaid, the irritable stable boy and an eccentric nobleman, Sven Juergen. Sven took an unusual liking to Thaddeus, gave him the gift (a loan really, but what does it matter for a rogue?) of a Robe of Blending. There were plans for a statue of Thaddeus, with Sylvia and Voli in the background, should the adventurers find the missing Andalor. They also heard gossip from the barmaid that some merchants were complaining about some city-slicker named Curvus. Apparently Curvus had paid a fine sum of money for the merchants to carry a rod of maximize, but then both the money and the rod was stolen by Frost Giants. The merchants are suspicious that Curvus had set them up. Signs led to an abandoned temple of Heironious, but when the group made it there, they were assaulted by a group of Shadows who killed the grumpy stable-boy, Voli, and Sylvia. Thaddeus barely escaped with his life and only with the help of a new friend.

Shiny caverns are no safer than dank ones
July 15th session

Excerpt from the Journal of Thaddeus Bonfellow

I write this shortly after the unfortunate and regrettable venture in the township of Redcliff. Although the witch and I were not able to provide the humble civic service that we intended, and she did meet her untimely end, I can at least be comforted that we did not leave these kind people without appointing some appropriate measure of mayoral guidance. I was quite grieved after the acting mayor needlessly endangered himself in his rash pursuit of his vanished father.

After some difficulty learning the craft of the witch’s broom, and without the benefit of the excellent horses that bore us there, I was able to return safely to the tower. I regrettably informed the others that our faithful witch Sylvia had meet a ghastly end, and that hopefully she was happily brewing potions in whatever ethereal swamp hut she may consider heavenly paradise.

Aradeck, with his deft writing hand, was generous enough to help me correct some minor oversight of mine in the matter of the horses, wherein I must have misplaced the invoices I was to faithfully deliver to the townsfolk. With the help of a courier all accounts were once again set right.

I remember little else of my return after the meeting of an excellent dwarven brewmaster sojourning at the tower. My constitution and temperance would not allow me to celebrate quite to the extent as did my dwarven friends. But just as every dwarven meeting is filled with cheer, the meeting of a dwarven brewmaster is even more so.

It is not without some perturbation that I describe the events that transpired after waking from the previous night’s revelry. We set out from the tower on some errand, and immediately upon entering the inn we saw the most hideously cruel spectacle I have yet encountered. The innkeeper and staff were inhumanly brutalized; the tenants of some hackneyed thrift store philosophy were scrawled above their mistreated persons.

After some effort we tracked those responsible to a most curious throne room hidden beneath one of the ramshackle hovels typical of the poorer areas of the lawful evil district. Upon our initial entrance we were rudely confronted by a pair of ugly eye beasts. Thankfully the blinding powder that I had resourcefully acquired proved most effective, and a few dashing rapier drives later one of them lay vanquished at the feet of yours truly. Torrent exterminated the other with great self-satisfaction after his first meeting with the creature had resulted in an uncomfortable sort of eye monster embrace.

The boom bequeathed to me by the late Sylvia proved most helpful in navigating the odd twists of a perplexingly shaped steel cavern found below leading up to the throne room I alluded to previously. I hesitate to call it a labyrinth, as it had but one passage and was not infested with Minotaur, and I certainly wouldn’t consider it a receiving hall. It must be one of those maddeningly inconsiderate architectures of beings able to shed bodily form and without the decorum to lend any consideration to their prospective guests. In an extension of these bad manners, rather than leave on a light for any unfamiliar with the turns of their cavern, they left a darkness exuding dragon in the corridor, which proved an additional annoyance.

Two of the uncouth creatures who were our hosts we found awaiting us in the throne room with some number of pet dogs. Torrent brushed most of them aside with some kind of ‘ignite canine’ incantation. (Honestly, there seems to be no limit to the number things this dwarf is willing to set on fire!) When our host turned out to be the disturbed little girl posted outside of Manus’s palace, Torrent delivered the communiqué requested by our dear innkeeper in the manner he best was able. (Again, it was fire)

Aradeck set about looking for the monster’s treasure to fairly compensate us for the trouble they had instigated, and unfortunately set off the traps in both of the chests we encountered. This expedited our sally from this poorly designed and unwelcoming fortress, and we returned home to the tower to recuperate.

Kobayashi Maru
The No Win Scenario

Astinus of Palanthas
22nd day of fourthmonth
6th year of the Age of Mortals
Midwatch, by Krynn reconning

Ever since my acquisition of the Orb of Present Time Passing, on the almost unique occasions when there is absolutely nothing of note occurring on Krynn, I turn my gaze to other worlds. On one of these orbs I have turned my gaze I viewed an incident whose telling I shall now chronicle as an outside observer, and perhaps offer my own opinions …

It was a motley conglomeration – a dwarven wizard, adorned by gear of his own crafting; his truted companion, a noble human healer, but oddly devoid of any deific rainments; a dwarven warrior with his custom made axe; a dwarven hunter who specialized in extraplanar evils; and a social halfling, who seems best suited to city life. They appeared in a temple of a minor dwarven deity, dedicated to inebriation and rash action. But as I began to hear their words, it was clear their plan was not one or rashness, but urgent necessity.

This city was divided into nine quadrants by belief in a governing system and behavioral lifestyle choices. One of these quadrants is ruled by an aged vampire of more than 2000 years. For over 2000 years he has not had a single challenger, especially a priest of a deity dedicated to goodness or life. This defines the true character of the city, as the whole city reflects the power of the vampire, as those who would brand themselves good show their true colors with their utter indifference, or cowering fear, thus being part of the evil since they so readily help to sustain it, by committing no real act to oppose it.

This conglomerate of a group, I speak again of the dwarves and their companions, had moved on from the temple during the late afternoon hours to the mansion of the vampire lord. It was here that the wizard received some sort of message. I can not tell what it was, but based on his response, it was clear that the wizard believed no one would ever stand up to this horriffic evil, and the burden would fall to him and his ilk.

They entered the lobby and were directed to the banquet hall by a trained dire wolf. It was in this hall where they, the dwarven wizard especially, would undergo a test – known in other places and times as the Kobayashi Maru. The Vampire Lord appeared and began challenging the team. He himself possessed an artifact beyond the reconning of mortal ken – one even beyond my notable understanding. This artifact could bend magic and unmake any living object by touch. Plus, above the party was a swarm of vampires, all of whom appeared to be wizards of notable order in their former lives and all adept at the art of counterspelling (** Editor’s note, see the Improved Counterspelling feat, PHB). As the vampires began battling from a three dimensional perch, the human got herself caught in magical drapes, and had to struggle mightily not to be held indefinitely.

The Vampire Lord made himself invisible, and even to the spectacularly trained eye of the human, could not be seen in the expanse of the hall. At this point fel abberations began exiting the rift in the hall, only to be swiftly dropped by the hunter. However, at one point he only gravely wounded one, allowing it and the one behind it to enter the room. They then proceeded to incapacitate the human and halfling (who had made a respectable accounting for themselves by maximizing the use of their abilities and creativity), for what would be the rest of their natural lives. At this point, the Vampire Lord reemerged, with one stated goal – to make the wizard his thrall. In his frustration, the wizard, who saw more of his spells neutralized than come to fruition due to the platoon of vampire magi of such magnificent level as to be able to stop nearly every spell he cast – and dispel every summoned creature, threw down his axe. He now understood the plight of himself and the party, as well as the evil that infected the rest of the city.

Death was the most preferable outcome, and the Vampire Lord was fighting with his all to prevent it.

Having been beaten down with vampiric intent to subdue him, and seeing no help coming from anywhere, he had tested the waters with a lightning bolt spell. Having seen that the platoon of spell turners had no command nor need to stop spells of an electrical nature, he chose to abide by the words of his father one last time.

Win or lose, try your best, but above all, cheat. Cheat your ass off.

By virtue of his sleight of hand he had convinced the platoon another electrical blast was coming. He then palmed his magical rod, and then planted a fireball of the highest order in such a place as to kill 4 vampires, and deny the Vampire Lord his prize. The smirk on his face as death took him was one last insult to the Vampire Lord, for no matter how the battle ended, the Vampire Lord was denied his prize, and thus any victory was hollow and pyric.

The vampire lord than used the sphere of unmaking to destroy the immobilized human and halfling (**editor’s note, clearly out of spite). The hunter, knowing he has better odds of surviving in the evil that was the abyss, dove through the portal. The warrior, upon the wizard’s flying carpet, was swarmed by vampires, who were hell bent on draining his life essence. In a feat of Sargonnassian strength, he broke his bonds and made all due haste to the portal. Even the Vampire Lord, with one final act of hatred, was unable to stop the warrior from making it through the portal. The Vapire Lord won, in so far as the only light of good in the city stood up to him and was thwarted, and his eventual conquering of the city is now only a matter of time, and not much of it at that. However, his rage at being denied the prizes he so sorely wanted is a defeat he will carry with him.

At this point, I lost sight of the manor as I am interrupted by my trusted assistant, Bertrem. A local priestess has come to seek my council, and I must make time for her, albeit brief. I consider the priestesses’ path as compared to that of the wizard, and how when she rose to fight the evil, the populace and the forces of good rose with her and drove the evil back to the darkness, as compared to the dwarves and company, who were abandoned to the darkness.

In closing, I quote the words of another human priest.

There is another kind of evil, we should fear most. And that is the indifference of good men.

Astinus of Palanthas


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