male dwarf, rogue6,fighter4,deepwarden2,dragon devotee3


str 18 (4)
dex 14 (
con 27 (8)
int 16 (
wis 12 (1)
cha 11 (
AC: 32 FFAC: 32 TAC: 20
Grapple: +16
Fort: +22
Refl: +11
Will: +17
listen +12, spot: +14, sense motive: +9


Time has passed, memories never fade, my father, my mother, and my older brother. For our clan was at peace, toiling away in the mines, happy. then we dug too deep. Goblins entered a side passage by the thousands, overrunning our best defenses. Our clan was destroyed to the very man. Many of our wemen were killed as well that first battle, some survived because of the goblin shamens. only the youngest kids were taken with the surviving women. I was 8 then, Life turned misserable. Captives of goblins. Whipped and beaten. the group got smaller by the day, women were raped and eaten alive in rare rituals. the children were given away to powerful warriors as prizes of honor, to be eaten as a delicassy. Near the end a daring goblin snuck in and took me for himself, he took me into a remote tunnel and was going to eat me. He told me the dwarven cheeks were the best part and pulled his knife out. All the while I had been wriggling at my bonds. The goblin started cutting near the top of my head and cut deeply down my face as I screamed in pain, this was worse than any of the whip marks that scarred my body by this time. I got my hands free of the rope and quickly grabbed the small sword he wore. The look of surprise was shortlived on his face as I cut him deeply. He tryed to escape, but just in time I shoved his own sword through his back as the cry for help only gargled in his throat. I wandered around the caves for days in the dark, until I finally layed down to rest. I was awoken by the sounds of quiet talking, and as I sat up, Isaw the most amazed look on the faces of 2 humans.
“I thought you to be dead” the man spoke.
I looked down at the huge pool of blood surrounding my body, glossy and congealed it was. That was the scene of our first meeting. My lord, Mosby, taught me the skilled trades but my abilities tended toward enforcement as I grew. Years past as I was raised by him. Only chance has thrown me into the company of what I have come to call my friend, Torrent.


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